About Us

Woodford Livestock & Property specialize in the sale of farms, rural residential blocks and residential property.

What makes us stand out from the crowd? 

We have an extremely thorough knowledge in our areas of expertise.

Agency principal Garry Brown with over 40 years in the local area, has extensive knowledge of the land, residential property, estate developments and subdivisions in the district. Buying a hobby farm or rural property is a serious decision, advice and guidance are important issues. Issues like the carrying capacity, breed types, diseases and pests, grasses and water are vital in making the right decision. We understand the needs, capabilities and potential of any property you may be interested in buying. 

At Woodford Livestock & Property we understand the issues and provide good old fashioned service with an un-parallel knowledge of the local district.Woodford, (population 5000+), has been a traditional dairy farming and timber town and was first settled in 1841.

Woodford has an annual average rainfall of 1324mm. Woodford now supports a large number of smaller rural landholders eager to retain the rural lifestyle. 

With a picturesque street-scape, Woodford supports one hotel and the usual array of retail outlets.Woodford is home to the Woodford Folk Festival, an international celebration of music and culture, conducted over five days during December.